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ZMA is a supplement with numerous health, wellbeing and fitness benefits due to the carefully formulated blend of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. ZMA is highly regarded in the fitness world world as each ingredient in this trio provides support to the body in different ways. Zinc helps to support the body with normal testosterone levels, Magnesium helps to support the bodies ability to metabolise proteins and Vitamin B6 plays a big role in numerous bodily processes related to fitness and wellbeing.

ZMA is a great supplement as it saves you having to buy all the supplements individually in the correct doses and keeping on top of your supplement regime, at Protein HQ we have carefully combined these three ingredients in to one perfectly balanced supplement. ZMA has also been shown to enhance the quality of your sleep which is the bodies most important period of time for muscle recovery and regeneration.

  • Support normal testosterone levels
  • Improve protein breakdown
  • Improve muscle protein synthesis
  • Enhance muscle tone and size
  • Enhance recovery for exercise
  • Support achievement of training goals

ZMA tablets help to support a wide range of training goals and can be combined with numerous sports nutrition supplements. ZMA is particularly beneficial to people who want to increase muscle size and tone as it increases circulating testosterone levels, testosterone is the underlying factor when it comes to muscle development. Muscle development is further supported by magnesium which helps to enhance protein breakdown in the body, leading to increased circulating BCAA’s and therefore and improved environment for muscle development. Vitamin B6 is an all round important vitamin which will help you stay health and reach your training goals.

Due to ZMA’s ability to improve the quality of sleep a good time to use it is before you go to bed.

All of our products at Protein Core are carefully formulated over a long period of time and manufactured in a ISO certified production facility. We take great pride in creating products for customers which live up to all expectations, utilising only premium ingredients and designed and formulated by qualified people who have a passions for health, fitness and quality.

ZMA tablets Ingredients

Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Micro Crystalline Cellulose, Calcium (DC), Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.


Nutrition Per 2 tablet serving Per tablets
Magnesium 270mg 135mg
ZMA Formula 100mg 50mg
Zinc 40mg 20mg
Vitamin B6 12mg 6mg

Consume 1 serving (2 tablets) 30-45 minutes before bed preferably with a glass of water.

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